Laura’s Testimony

Missionary work is the most wonderful opportunity to show others the love and immense mercy of God through Jesus Christ. Personally it has been more than I’ve received what I’ve been able to give through the missions.

I have worked since 2009 with the missionary work that CIFI and The English Church. I can say that every trip has been an experience that has impacted me in a positive and special way and has brought spiritual growth in my life.

Through missions God has allowed me to meet wonderful people share and build friendships with people who would otherwise never have known. I’m super thankful to God because my boyfriend feels the same love for the missions that I have and that has helped us grow as a couple.
The most important thing I have learned during this time about the missionary work is that Missions is not about the wonderful things I do for God, but of the wonderful things God is doing through me for others to come to know Him. It is so easy to lose focus and believe that if anything happens is for me when really it’s all about Jesus.

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